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Derek Clark’s life is one of resilience and redemption. As a child, he suffered unthinkable child abuse, abandonment and emotional distress before being turned over to the psychiatric hospital at age 5. His 13 years in the San Francisco bay area foster care system reflected an early life of humiliation, aggression, emotional distress, overwhelming anxiety and being wrongfully labeled. Eventually, with the help of foster parents, a fantastic social worker and mentors, he defied the artificial limitations imposed upon him. Derek knows first-hand how to cope with adversity and overcoming hardship. His past has never held him back from accomplishing what he set his heart and mind to.

Derek is an inspiring motivational speaker/trainer and the author of six books, including Disable the Label: Never Limit the Potential of a Child, Never Limit Your Life and the I Will Never Give Up book series. Derek’s true-life trials and personal triumphs have inspired organizations worldwide with his message of resilience, hope, courage, unwavering perseverance and redemption.

Derek has also been a featured expert on CNN Headline News, The Steve Harvey TV Show, The Ricki Lake TV Show, and other TV shows around the world. Recently, Derek has become a viral video sensation for his “Rapping Dad” videos which have had over 150 million views.

Keep up with his exciting journey by following him on Facebook: or check out his viral video Rapping Dad page:

Derek delivered a fantastic TEDx talk on “The Power of Determination: It’s not about your IQ; It’s about your I-WILL.” Take a look at this inspiring video and share it:

Here is another of Derek’s motivational videos that inspire youth: 


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