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Advocate. Collaborate. Make a Difference. award is presented to two Federation members who have embody the spirit of the Federation’s new tagline “Advocate. Collaborate. Make a Difference.”

Brad Keller and Rachel Willis of Bethany Christian Services were presented with the Federation’s newest award: 2019 Federation Advocate. Collaborate. Make a Difference. 

When federal court Judge Nancy Edmunds ordered a third-party evaluation of the MiSACWIS system, Brad Keller and Rachel Willis immediately asked the question, “How can we help?” and quickly responded with development of a MiSACWIS demonstration session for Dr. Kurt Heisler where they were able to walk through and showcase the challenges unique to community-based organizations in working with the technology. Again, when MDHHS Director Gordon came on board earlier this year, Brad and Rachel stepped up to provide the director with the demonstration and effectively highlighted the challenges the system presents for users on a daily basis, articulated how this impacts work with kids and families, and offered solutions to collaborate and streamline the IT processes. Brad and Rachel participated in several focus groups, workgroups, and conversations with MDHHS, legislators, consultants, and other stakeholders as momentum sparked to explore other technology solutions for our state. Together, Brad and Rachel were innovative in their approach to advocacy and collaboration, addressing a barrier impacting all Federation member agencies and have truly made the difference in moving the state toward resolution.

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