2018 Federation Member Advocate of the Year

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Katie Page Sander, Executive Director of Hands Across the Water, is presented with the 2018 Federation Member Advocate of the Year award in recognition of her consistent involvement in the Federation’s advocacy efforts. Katie responds to every call to action developed by the Federation, and has several times been the first person to respond to action alerts requiring communication with her elected officials. Katie has served on contract workgroups, helped to identify priority areas for budget and policy change, and attends many meetings of the Federation, always asking stimulating questions of department partners in order to better serve kids and families at her agency. Katie attended the Federation’s Annual Legislative and Advocacy Day in order to meet in-person with her representative and senator. While serving as a skilled advocate for her agency, it is also evident that Katie values the collective voice of the Federation membership and is willing to take action to ensure agencies are equipped with the best resources to serve kids and families.

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