2018 Child Welfare In-Service Training Catalog: FREE to private agencies

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The MSU School of Social Work is excited to announce upcoming Child Welfare webinars and Child Welfare in-person programs!
For all program details and to register, visithttp://socialwork.msu.edu/ceu/catalog.php - search course number or title. 
3/19/2018: #213-18 WEBINAR: Ending Zero Tolerance: What Child Welfare Workers Should Know

3/22/2018: #607-18 Building College Success for Youth Exiting the Foster Care System
Location: Saginaw Valley State University

3/27/2018: #214-18 WEBINAR: The Impact of Racial Bias on Traumatized Clients in Child Welfare

4/16/2018: #206-18 WEBINAR: Youth Aging Out of Foster Care: Body-Based Practices to Promote Post traumatic Growth

4/19/2018: #602-18 Leadership: Supervisory Toolkit for Managing Secondary  Trauma and Workplace Stress - Lansing
Location: Lansing

4/23/2018: #207-18 WEBINAR: Human Trafficking for Child Welfare Employees

4/28/2018: #603-18 Caregiver: Brains and Behavior: What You Need to Know to Better Understand Your Child
Location: East Lansing

4/30/2018: #208-18 WEBINAR: Support Services for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Children and Families

5/1/2018: #209-18 WEBINAR: A Guide to Caring for Muslim Children in Foster Care

5/11/2018: #210-18 WEBINAR: The Opioid Crisis in America: Identification and Treatment Strategies for Social Workers

5/11/2018: #604-18 Leadership: Supervisory Toolkit for Managing Secondary Trauma and Workplace Stress - Grand Rapids
Location: Grand Rapids

5/17/2018: #211-18 WEBINAR: Integrating Mindfulness and Wellness for Stress Reduction

5/21/2018: #215-18 WEBINAR: Trauma and Substance Use

5/31/2018: #605-18 Leadership: Supervisory Toolkit for Managing Secondary Trauma and Workplace Stress
Location: Livonia

7/26/2018: #609-18 Assessment and Treatment Strategies for Opiod Dependent and Pain Management
Location: Traverse City

7/26/2018: #610-18 Understanding Trauma in Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Children and Youth
Location: Traverse City

8/11/2018: #606-18 Caregiver: The Real Work of Creating Familie sfor Adolescent Boys with Trauma Histories and Criminal Justice Involvement
Location: Grand Rapids

9/12/2018: #212-18 WEBINAR: Engaging Older Youth in Permanency Planning: To be Adopted or Not to be Adopted?

2017–2018 Child Welfare In-Service Training Catalog: FREE to private agencies—Posted at www.michfed.org is the newest Child Welfare In-Service Training catalog, listing trainings that are offered FREE to workers, supervisors and foster, adoptive, kinship and birth parents associated with private agencies that contract with MDHHS to provide child welfare services, as well as MDHHS workers, supervisors and caregivers. All in-person and webinar trainings are approved for meeting the in-service training hour requirements set forth by MDHHS requiring all caseworkers to receive a minimum of 32 hours of in- service training annually and supervisors 16 hours annually. Training participants may also earn CECHs. In addition to the listing below, pages 21 and 22 in the catalog list 51 previously recorded live webinars, accessible on-demand online: 4 for caregivers; 2 for leaders/supervisors (Principles of a Mobile Workforce and Making the Case for Retention-focused Management); and 45 trainings for child welfare workers. Register early; sessions fill quickly! November–December offerings include:


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