FYI / October 8, 2010 / No. 20

FYI / October 8, 2010 / No. 20
The next FYI bulletin will be issued October 22, 2010


Federation priorities reflected in FY 2011 State Budget—Federation legislative priorities reflected in the FY 2011 budget bill are the result of the tireless efforts of our members, staff, lobbyists, and the leadership of Sen. Bill Hardiman and Rep. Dudley Spade. As HB 5882 was voted out of the House and Senate on September 29, it included a number of the Federation’s priorities, as follows:

➢ Providing for a 36% rate increase to adoption rates (see note below about governor’s veto).
➢ Maintaining the $37/day administrative rate for foster care services for private child placing agencies.
➢ Maintaining the $28/day rate for general independent living services for private child placing agencies and provides for an SIL administrative rate no less than the rate paid in FY 08-09. (The governor’s proposed budget had cut/eliminated these items.)
➢ Boilerplate language increasing the floor funding for residential services from $130 to $137 a day; the $7 daily per diem rate will carry forward from its July 1, 2010 effective date.

Note: Gov. Granholm signed her veto letter for HB 5882 on September 30, vetoing the 36% adoption rate increase and the boilerplate language stating private agencies shall receive $16,000 for each finalized adoption of long-term wards. The Federation is pursuing further clarification on the funding allocated to the Department and how this relates to adoption work. See more detail in this week’s FYI (below).


Erin Gruwell featured at Starr's Founder's Day

ALBION -- Hundreds sniffed and wiped tears from their eyes as Erin Gruwell recounted her days as a public school teacher in Long Beach, California.

Aided by clips from her appearance on "Primetime Live" and a Hollywood film made about her, the former teacher Gruwell told the heart wrenching tales of her 150 students in Long Beach who went from hopelessness to success through the power of writing and positive reinforcement.

Gruwell co-wrote "The Freedom Writers Diary", which was made into the 2007 film "Freedom Writers" starring Hillary Swank. She was the guest speaker at Starr Commonwealth's 97th-anniversary Founder's Day celebration.

About 155 students from Starr attended her speech, the highlight of the day's celebration, along with hundreds of teachers and members of the public.

FYI • September 24, 2010 • No. 19

FYI • September 24, 2010 • No. 19
The next FYI bulletin will be issued October 8, 2010


HHS awards $39 million to states for increasing adoptions; 9% of the total comes to Michigan!—The U. S. Department of Health and Human Services has awarded $39 million to 38 states and Puerto Rico for increasing the number of children adopted from foster care. States use the funds from this adoption incentive award to improve their child welfare programs. Michigan’s adoption incentive award is $3,511,033. Only two states earned more of this funding: Texas $7,468,475 and Florida $5,718,271. Find a list of each state’s award at

Senior Management Conference scores high marks—Thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s Federation annual conference at Crystal Mountain! Here’s what folks had to say afterward:
The topics were relevant and the networking superb!
I thought the conference was great this year! Thanks for all your work and planning.
Thank you for a wonderful conference. I appreciate all of the work and energy that made this conference a success. Great job!
The best ever!


FYI • September 3, 2010 • No. 18

FYI • September 3, 2010 • No. 18
The next FYI bulletin will be issued September 24, 2010


Powerful line up of presenters secured for Senior Management Conference September 15-17
If you attend only one conference per year, this should be the one.

This is the only venue with access to the caliber of expertise and insight you need to best serve Michigan’s vulnerable children and families in these challenging and changing times. Every CEO and top-level administrator and program director within child welfare services should make it a priority to attend. The full program description is included on the last page of this bulletin.

Presenters include nationally recognized care systems management expert Dr. Marcella Wilson, President/CEO of Federation Member Matrix Human Services; nonprofit leadership training expert Sean de Four, COO of Federation Member Judson Center, partnering with Dr. John Arnold of Wayne State University; longest term and highly-valued Federation agency-university partner, Dr. Gary Anderson, Director of MSU’s School of Social Work; Attorney William F. Abrams whose legal counsel prevailed in the California private agency association’s legal case against the State of California when faced with a 32% rate reduction; and lastly, Children’s Rights Lead Attorney Sara Bartosz and Kevin Ryan and Lisa Alexander-Taylor of Public Catalyst Group, members of the Michigan Monitoring Team overseeing implementation of the federal consent decree.

Register today!


FYI • August 20, 2010 • No. 17

FYI • August 20, 2010 • No. 17
The next FYI bulletin will be issued September 3, 2010

Residential rate adjustment retroactive to July 1, 2010—This past Tuesday, the State Administrative Board approved the long-awaited $7 per diem increase for residential treatment providers, retroactive to July 1, 2010. Contract amendments reflecting the rate increase are expected to be mailed to providers soon. This achievement is directly due to Federation advocacy and the tenacity of Sen. Bill Hardiman and Rep. Dudley Spade on behalf of private providers.

Back foster care payments issued—We are very pleased to report the State of Michigan has issued payments for foster care services provided from 2006 through 2008, that had remained unpaid until this past week! The Federation’s advocacy on members’ behalf, combined with the diligence of Sen. Bill Hardiman and Rep. Dudley Spade, made this resolution possible. Efforts continue regarding payments outstanding for other past due accounts. If you have any questions regarding this matter or would like to share the good news when you receive payment, please contact



This 12-page newsletter issued by the Michigan Foster Care Review Board based within the State Court Administrative Office in Lansing, addresses the current state of the foster care system, training for Review Board members, adjusted focus for the Review Board, Concurrent Planning 101, upcoming child welfare trainings, and a helpful guide to services available to youth transitioning to adulthood. Download the Permanency Planner Newsletter here.

Through its Children of Color Outreach program, the Minnesota Department of Human Services has published a tool entitled, A Practice Guide for Working with African American Families in the Child Protection System. The publication is meant to help social workers address the systemic overrepresentation of African American children and families involved in child protective services.

A new poll by Zogby International, and commissioned by the National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD) the oldest criminal justice research organization in the U.S. – shows that the public is concerned about youth crime, but strongly supports rehabilitation and treatment, not prosecution in the adult court or incarceration in adult jails or prisons. Major findings from the survey of likely voters included:

Groups wishing to order the Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education (PRIDE) Participant Handbooks for Michigan DHS-contracted agencies, may do so through Spaulding for Children. Cost for quantities of 20-100 is $23 each; for quantities of 101 or more, $20 each. Minimum order is 20, unit prices do not include shipping. To order, contact George Miller, Consultant, Spaulding for Children, (248) 443-2108.

There are often issues of school personnel and other mandated reporters' obligation to report suspected child abuse to Children's Protective Services. The Chance at Childhood Program at MSU has put together this very brief, excellent resource brochure for school personnel about reporting suspected child abuse and neglect.


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