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Group / MINsort descending Manager
Erwin "Mac" McEwen Jenny
Federation Policy Press no. 38 Jenny
FYI • August 20, 2010 • No. 17 Jenny
FYI • August 6, 2010 • No. 16 Jenny
FYI • May 13, 2011 • No. 10 Jenny
L-Letter Medical and Mental Health Training Series- Additional ADHD & Anxiety Training Date Jenny
'America' inspires local fund-raisers children in foster care to benefit Jenny
17,000 R.E.A.D.Y. kits distributed free to child care providers admin
2000 Michigan Private Agency Adoption Survey Results admin
2005 Annual Report admin
2006 Salary & Fringe Benefit Survey Summary Now Available admin
2007 Grand Rapids Christian Parenting Conference “Celebrating the Family” admin
2007 Michigan After-school Collaborative Conference admin
2008 Conference on the Undefended Childhood: A Global Perspective admin
2008 Salary & Fringe Benefit Survey Summary Now Available admin
2009 Heart Gallery debuts Thursday, February 12 Jenny
2010 Child Welfare In-Service Training Catalog Rose
2010 Salary & Fringe Benefit Survey Summary Report is in print • Order your copy now! Rose
2010 Title IV-E Federal Eligibilty Review Outcome Jenny
2011 Child Welfare Training Institute (CWTI) Training Schedule Jenny
2011 Informational Trainings Education and Training Voucher (ETV) & Youth in Transition (YIT) Jenny
2011 Member Day at the Capitol Jenny
2011 Sr. Management Conference Photos Jenny
2012 HR Spring Training Jenny
2012 Michigan Teen Conference Jenny
2012 Schedule of Training for Foster, Adoptive and Kinship Families Rose
2012 Schedule of Training for Foster, Adoptive and Kinship Families Rose
2012 Sr. Management Conference Jenny
2012 Teen Conference Jenny
2013 Sr. Management Conference Photos Jenny
2014 Michigan Teen Conference Jenny
2014 Sr. Management Conference Jenny
2015 MNYF Annual Conference Rose
2015 Senior Management Conference Jenny
2016 Annual Report to Membership Jenny
2016 Residential Treatment Conference Jenny
2016 Salary & Fringe Benefit Survey Summary Report available for purchase Rose
2016 Senior Management Conference Jenny
2016-2017 Child Welfare In-Service Training Opportunities Jenny
2017 Directory of Residential Treatment Programs for Abused, Neglected and Delinquent Youth admin
2017 Residential Conference Jenny
2017 Residential Treatment Conference Jenny
2017 Residential Treatment Directory Jenny
2017 Sr. Management Conference Marketing Sponsorship Jenny
2017 Kids Count in Michigan Data Book  Jenny
2018 Child Welfare In-Service Training Catalog: FREE to private agencies Jenny
2018 HR Training Day Jenny
2018 Salary & Fringe Benefit Survey open for data entry in February Jenny
2018 Salary and Fringe Benefit Survey Jenny
2018 Sr. Management Conference & Annual Membership Meeting Jenny
2018 Sr. Management Save the Date Jenny
3rd Annual Residential Conference Jenny
6th Annual Residential Treatment Conference Jenny
7-30-2010 Transition of FC Children into Medicaid Rose
7.8.10 Case Load Count Letter Jenny
Accreditation admin
AccreditationGuruLogo.jpeg admin
Action Alert: 0-3 Prevention admin
ACTS II Ministry for Teens Jenny
Added talent on the Federation staff Jenny
Addiction Professional Webinar Series 2009 Jenny
Addressing the Needs of Juvenile Status Offenders and Their Families admin
Adjournment and Box Lunch to go Jenny
Adjournment, evaluations and lunch-to-go Jenny
Adoption Advocate Volume 9; correction to Adoption Tax Credit info of Nov 2008 Jenny
Adoption and Foster Parent Recruitment and Retention (AFPRR) Plan and Allowable Expenditures Jenny
Adoption Contract Jenny
Adoption Contract update Jenny
Adoption Data Jenny
Adoption Exchange Association Conference • Call for Presentations Jenny
Adoption MIN admin
Adoption MIN Minutes October 13, 2010 Jenny
Adoption Minutes June 16, 2010 Jenny
Adoption option available locally Jenny
Adoption Option receives grant from foundation Jenny
Adoption Option, Inc. admin
Adoption Oversight Committee meeting Jenny
Adoption Services Interim Bulletin: Monthly Caseworker Visits Jenny
Adoption Subsidy (AAM) policy Jenny
Adoption, Licensing, Foster Care & Independent Living MINs Meet Jenny
Adoption/Licensing/Foster Care/IL MIN Day Jenny
Adoption/Licensing/Foster Care/IL MIN Meeting Day Jenny
Adoptive Child/Family Enrichment Program Jenny
Adoptive couples are invited to participate in MSU research study Rose
Ads for MAFAK Spring Conference Book still available Jenny
Advocacy Policy Priorities for 2018 Jenny
AFPRR plan for FY 2011 deadline extended to October 31, 2010 Jenny


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