Workgroup releases interim report on Section 298 Initiative

Workgroup releases interim report on Section 298 Initiative
Report open for comment, public forum to be held in January

LANSING, Mich. – The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) today released the draft interim report for the Section 298 Initiative for public review. The Section 298 Initiative is a statewide effort to improve the coordination of physical health services and behavioral health services. The draft interim report contains a series of policy recommendations for the Michigan Legislature.

The interim report reflects the discussions and recommendations of the 298 Facilitation Workgroup. MDHHS convened the 298 Facilitation Workgroup to assist with the development of the recommendations. The workgroup convened 44 Affinity Group meetings to gather input from more than 1,076 Michiganders, including 767 consumers and family members, 249 providers, 48 payers and 12 tribal health organizations.

MDHHS and the 298 Facilitation Workgroup will create a final report for the Legislature, which will include the policy recommendations from the interim report and additional recommendations on integration models and benchmarks for implementation. Public review of the draft interim report will last from December 14, 2016 to January 4, 2017. MDHHS has established several opportunities to gather comments on the draft interim report, including:

Federation Board President Testifies to Senate Oversight Committee

On Thursday, December 1, Federation Board President and Highfields President/CEO Brian Philson testified before the Senate Oversight Committee on SBs 1148-49. The bills, sponsored by Chairman Peter MacGregor (R-Rockford), relate to the Child Care Fund. The Michigan Federation has worked with leadership at the MDHHS, Michigan Association of Counties, Michigan Association of Family Court Administrators and the Michigan Legislature for more than a year to develop strategies and processes to create a leaner, more efficient payment system as outlined in these bills. Chairman MacGregor noted this workgroup began 18 months ago, and all parties have been working so well together, particularly given that this is the first time all of these stakeholders have worked together in this way.

SB 1148 establishes reimbursement procedures for an appeal of determination made regarding reimbursement of a Child Care Fund cost incurred. SB 1149 designates the state as the first payer for expenditures for children placed with the Department for care, supervision, or placement.

2016 Annual Report to Membership

2016 Annual Report to the Membership—As you know, the Federation is in the forefront of advocacy and action on behalf of vulnerable children and families in Michigan. Not only is our input and feedback sought out by the state’s leadership, it is well respected and acted upon. Find a summary of the past year’s highlights in our 2016 Annual Report to the Membership, attached below. Request print copies by emailing

2016 Salary & Fringe Benefit Survey Summary Report available for purchase

The 2016 Salary & Fringe Benefit Survey Summary Report was mailed on September 30, 2016, to each Federation member agency representative and HR director, as per Executive Committee policy. It is available for purchase by other interested parties.

Data in this 2016 report was provided by 50 private, nonprofit human service agencies across Michigan. The Salaries section summarizes over 8,600 actual hourly wages reported. All report information is displayed in aggregate and in two subsets to permit a closer comparison among similarly sized organizations—agencies with annual budgets less than $6 million and agencies with annual budgets more than $6 million. When fewer than five data items were reported for a particular survey element, the information is not displayed, in keeping with guidelines of the federal Sherman Antitrust Act.

Questions regarding the survey should be directed to Rose Homa, Many thanks to those who invested their time and energy completing this survey; you’ve made this an especially valuable resource for yourselves and your colleagues!


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