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Applications accepted: December 06, 2017 - January 31, 2018

Location: Belleville, MI

Salary Range: $17.00-$20.00 hourly

Exempt/Non-Exempt: Exempt

Benefits: Health, Dental, Vision Ins

Employment Type: Full Time

Department: Residential


To perform therapeutic services in a female residential program. This is a fast paced environment. Responsible for providing group and individual therapy to up to 14 clients per week. Responsible for participating in all Psychiatric evaluations, med. reviews. Responsible for writing up clinical assessments and treatment notes. Responsible for monitoring client medication and ordering medication as needed. Assisting in interviewing potential new clients. Responsible for writing treatment plans and updates. Responsible for completing CANS assessment and client history. Responsible for bio-psycho-social assessments. Responsible for clinical assessments per CARF. Responsible for on-call rotation and crisis screening as needed.

Must work a flexible schedule to accommodate clients after school therapy and Psychiatric evaluations. Monday 9-5, Tuesday- Thursday 12- 8 and Friday 9-5 


Under the supervision of the Residential Program Manager, this position is responsible for the provision and/or coordination of treatment services to residential clients as indicated to achieve the identified permanency plan for clients in the Girlstown program.

• Responsible for therapeutic services including but not limited to individual, family & group therapy& crisis counseling. 
• Responsible for initial therapeutic assessments, individual treatment notes, diagnosis, referrals for Psychiatry, medication reviews and additional services as assigned.
• Permanency and treatment planning with DHHS, fictive kin/relatives, and birth families; collects and obtains client specific information to assist in moving clients toward permanency.
• Schedule and facilitate ongoing progress review meetings and case conferences to assist the client in meeting goals and objectives of the case plan as needed.
• Coordination of emergency psychiatric hospitalizations.
• Inform immediate supervisor verbally and in writing any issues that impact the clients, employees & administration of the agency.
• Perform other job related tasks or duties as assigned by the Program Manager.
• Inform administration immediately of any client abuse or neglect. File 3200’s when necessary (mandated reporting) and inform administration immediately of any client abuse or neglect.
• Perform other job related tasks or duties as assigned by the Program Manager
• Inform immediate supervisor verbally & in writing any issues that impact the clients, employees & administration of the agency.
• Inform administration immediately of any client abuse or neglect.
• Perform other job related tasks or duties as assigned by the Program Manager.

1. Will behave and communicate in a manner that promotes a positive work atmosphere.
2. Will maintain an awareness to provide a safe and healthy environment and will report all 
hazards and/or concerns.
3. Will participate in approved staff development activities, in-services and supervisory 
4. Will adjust work schedule, with supervisory approval, to meet Agency needs.
5. Will accept other responsibilities and duties required by the supervisor consistent with the 
objectives and essential functions of this position. Such responsibilities shall be incorporated 
into the position description if they involve a lengthy commitment of time or are on going.
6. Will advise supervisor if actual practice (activity) begins to deviate significantly from 
specified essential functions.

1. May represent Guiding Harbor/Girlstown on internal/external committees or work groups to 
enhance service delivery or service planning.
2. May participate in community education activities.
3. May be required to participate in the periodic evaluation of services and service planning. 
4. May receive and assist in resolving complaints or inquiries related to services provided by 
Guiding Harbor/Girlstown. 
5. Will participate in approved emergency activities and/or preparedness drills in the case of a 
county declared disaster or emergency.


Licensed LMSW, LLMSW with supervision, LPC, LLPC with Supervision.

1. A Master’s Degree in social work or Psychology from an accredited college or university.
2. Reliable transportation and maintain good driving record

Knowledge of:
• Knowledge and skills in providing social services to children and families 
• Knowledge of behavioral intervention techniques with children 
• Knowledge of the child welfare system, referral sources and juvenile court procedures
• Personal and/or professional experience working with diverse racial and socioeconomic populations

Skill in:
• Excellent organizational skills
• Effectively interact with numerous external and internal resources 
• Excellent oral and written communication skills to effectively work with others
• Good interpersonal & problem solving skills and demonstrated ability to follow the chain of command
• Ability to work as part of a team and independently and the ability to maintain appropriate relationships with colleagues & supervisor.
• Strong commitment to quality family centered services and permanency for children
• Commitment to the goals and philosophy of the organization including cultural competency objectives
• Demonstrated ability to maintain client and program confidentiality

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