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Grand Rapids, MI

D.A. Blodgett - St. John’s is an agency that works in partnership with our community for the good of all children. We are local, non-profit and accredited. We provide comprehensive services to children and families, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, foster care, adoption, and family support, as well as, residential treatment and emergency shelter care at St. John’s Campus.

Full – time Site Team Clinician

Grand Rapids, MI

Beginning Salary Range: $35,000 - $40,000


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Kent School Services Network








Helping children and empowering families by providing safety, advocacy and support.





Kent School Services Network (KSSN) brings health and human services into the school building to serve children and families. The initiative goals are to increase support for students, families, and schools; increase access to health, mental health, and community resources; increase parent/community engagement and involvement; to promote opportunities that support student’s educational, social and emotional development; and to offload the non-education issues from the principal and teachers to allow them time to focus on educating the children. The KSSN initiative involves placement of two full time social workers in various schools within Kent County. One social worker, called the Community School Coordinator focuses on meeting the basic needs of the families by including, but not limited to housing and transportation issues, connecting families to community resources, and bringing community resources to the school. The second social worker, called the Site Team Clinician focuses on meeting the mental health needs of the children and families by providing in home or outpatient therapy and/or connecting families to other mental health resources that best meets their need.  These issues can include depression, anxiety, child abuse effects, harming oneself, slowness in learning, eating disorders, phobias, aggression and other symptoms or difficulties in behavior and feelings. The Clinician helps children assess their issues by observing their behaviors and assessing what treatments will best benefit the child.


The KSSN STC provides two levels of services and acts as a Network 180 Access center to refer to others.  The STC provides both outpatient and home-based services to clients that are referred.  Group therapy is also utilized as needed.  The STC may also be involved with the school’s Attendance Team and Community School Leadership Team.




  1. Assess, counsel, educate, advocate for, and support referred families.
  2. Complete all necessary Agency, CMH, and other miscellaneous paperwork requirements on a timely basis.
  3. Able to meet clients and their families in non-traditional settings, i.e. client’s home, restaurant, or public places.
  4. Work closely with the KSSN Community School Coordinator to meet the needs of the school.
  5. Provides direct behavioral health services to include intake assessment, individual/family/group therapy, and crisis interventions to students and document encounters in the appropriate clinical record.
  6. Manages a mixed caseload of Out Patient and Home Based services and maintain monthly unit expectations for each service.
  7. Provides services both on-site at the school facility and off-site to include the client’s home support network.
  8. Maintains regular contact with the parent/guardian of each client.
  9. Completes initial treatment plans, treatment plan updates, treatment authorizations, quarterly reports and discharge summaries.
  10. Assist supervisor with family education, training, and support group activities when needed.
  11. Participate in required case-related activities such as school conferences and court hearings.
  12. Agency-related duties include:  attendance at general staff meetings, departmental meetings, cooperation with other departments within the Agency, timely completion of paperwork (to include mileage, vacation/sick slips, sign-out sheets, etc.).
  13. Staff members may be assigned to assist with other duties by the administration.  Examples include:  speeches, public relations and promotions, recruitment, special committees or task forces, or work with the agency’s committees.
  14. Rotate the 24 hour / seven day a week on-call pager/cell phone on an ongoing basis with fellow STCs, Home Base workers and Case Managers.
  15. In addition to scheduled 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. work hours, a staff member will be responsible to accommodate his/her personal schedule to clients' availability.  Staff will be accessible, maintaining flexible hours, seven days a week.  If staff is unavailable, he/she will have team backup available for clients.  This availability will also include group meetings, special events, and after Agency hours and appointments and telephone contacts.  It is expected that Therapists will work at least 40 hours per week prior to requesting compensatory time.
  16. Other responsibilities shall include those set forth in Agency personnel policies as amended.





  1. Ability to communicate verbally and effectively to exchange information with coworkers, peers, the community, and others involved in your position.
  2. Ability to maintain a stationary position for extended periods of time.
  3. Ability to be physically mobile when working with students.
  4. Ability to determine and assess job related documents and visually utilize Agency equipment.
  5. Ability to physically handle and perform job related functions, including the operation of Agency equipment.
  6. Ability to physically position oneself to effectively interact with students.
  7. Ability to ascend/descend stairs safely and successfully.
  8. Ability to lift and transport 40lbs





A. Education requirements are a Master’s degree in social work or a related field.

B. Licensed to practice therapy in the state of Michigan or actively working towards licensure.

C. Must possess a strong knowledge of the common diagnoses and treatments for school-aged children and possess the skills necessary to facilitate positive change in a school culture.

D. Good oral and written communication skills.

E. Good organizational skills

F. Basic computer skills with knowledge of Microsoft Outlook and other software programs.

G. Ability to deal effectively with students, parents, staff, and community partners.

H. Ability to work effectively as part of an interdisciplinary team.

I. Self-directed and autonomous.

J. Ability to work in a high stress and unpredictable environment.

K. The ability to provide effective individual, family, and group therapy skills.

L. Valid driver's license, good driving record and adequate insurance with a car available at all times.

M. Provides direct behavioral health services to include intake assessment, individual/family/group therapy, and crisis interventions to students and document encounters in the appropriate clinical record.

N. Manage a mixed caseload of Outpatient and Home Based services.

O. Provides services both on-site at the school facility and off-site to include the client’s home support network.

P. Maintains regular contact with the parent/guardian of each client.

Q. Completes initial person centered treatment plans, treatment plan updates, and treatment authorizations.

R. Utilize a variety of treatment models best fit to a client’s individual needs.

S. Ability to work with school, human service, behavioral health and medical health personnel.  Ability to understand and work effectively within the dynamics of various agencies, public schools and others.

T. Ability to work with a variety of people both within and outside the Agency.  Must promote a positive image for the Agency in the community and in relationships with other agencies and their personnel.

U. Knowledge of differing lifestyles and cultures, experience or training in work with children or adults, understanding and knowledge of clinical issues of foster and adopted children and families, training or practice in individual or group counseling, interviewing, family assessment, and crisis intervention.

V. Possess an understanding and sensitivity to the client’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics.

W. Become familiar with and follow the code of ethics for your profession and agree to abide by the related agency standards.

X. Personal qualities of warmth, sensitivity, and ability to establish meaningful therapeutic relationships and a capacity to make sound decisions.

Y. Acceptance of supervision in order to improve needs assessment case management and treatment skills.

Z. A positive, optimistic, and accepting attitude

AA. A comprehensive knowledge and understanding of child development and child management.

BB. Extensive knowledge of community resources. Assertiveness, flexibility, self-organization, and self-direction.

CC. Good moral character.

DD. A personal commitment to the Agency’s mission, philosophy, and values.

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