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Title:                Foster Home Recruitment, Retention and Intake Specialist



Foster Home Recruitment, Retention and Intake Specialist shall hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in a human behavioral science or other field.  Foster Home Recruitment, Retention and Intake Specialist will maintain a license with the State of Michigan, if appropriate. May not have been convicted of child abuse or neglect, a felony involving harm or threatened harm to an individual within the 10 years immediately preceding the date of hire, or is listed on the central registry as a perpetrator of child abuse or child neglect. The Foster Home Recruitment, Retention and Intake Specialist shall possess a valid Driver’s License, positive driving record and proof of automobile insurance. This agency shall make a good faith effort to recruit and employ staff which reflect the racial, ethnic, and cultural composition of this agency’s client population.


Core Competencies:

Appropriate candidate is an energetic individual who loves people and is skilled in outreach, relationship-building and public speaking to recruit and retain high quality foster and adoptive parents. Must have the ability to think “outside the box” in regards to recruitment and retention efforts and activities.  Must understand the complex needs of children and families in order to make positive placement decisions.  Strong knowledge and skills in family assessment, problem solving and crisis intervention necessary. Have an understanding, preferably personal, of foster care and adoption and the issues involved both for the foster family and child in order to establish trust and rapport with families. Appropriate candidate for this position must have the ability to handle stress well, have the ability to be an active listener with good communication skills, be flexible with a work schedule, and able to handle change, be a team player yet able to work independently, able to multi-task, and maintain case responsibility and follow-through. Appropriate candidate must have the ability, experience, education, and training to perform the duties assigned. Appropriate candidate must be able to understand and follow the agency’s Mission and Vision statements.


Salary:             According to the current salary schedule.


Position Summary:

The primary function of the Foster Home Recruitment, Retention and Intake Specialist is to ensure that the agency maintains a sufficient pool of potential foster and adoptive families by ensuring high quality customer service, education and support for families.  The Foster Home Recruitment, Retention and Intake Specialist will build relationships with all agency foster parents in order to assist in making safe and positive placement decisions through coordination of the intake process.  Additionally, this position may maintain a caseload of foster home licensing cases, as needed. The Foster Home Recruitment, Retention and Intake Specialist will follow and uphold the agency’s Mission and Vision Statements.



The Foster Home Recruitment, Retention and Intake Specialist will receive certification training and special evaluation training provided by DCWL in order to maintain the ability to carry a caseload.  Completion of PRIDE Train the Trainer through DHHS may also be required.


Job Description:


1)         Develop, coordinate and initiate recruitment/retention plans designed to ensure that the agency maintains a sufficient number of quality foster and adoptive parents.

2)         Appropriately and professionally present agency’s foster care and adoption programs and provide presentations to groups of individuals for recruitment purposes.

3)         Develop and maintain agency’s social media with articles, resources and announcements of interest.

4)         Record and maintain the data necessary to measure the effectiveness of various recruitment/retention efforts.

5)         Plan and execute foster parent retention events/activities at least monthly (trainings, free events for families, respite days, holiday events, acknowledgement of service).

6)         Help develop and prepare recruitment materials for promotion of HATW services and programs within the community.

7)         Maintain contact and follow-up with all those expressing interest in HATW services.

8)         Provide individual, in-home foster parent training (PRIDE) as needed.

9)         Determine training needs of family and ensure family receives said training.

10)       Plan and conduct education classes as directed. This includes the development of a family-specific education plan if needed.

11)       Carry a caseload of foster families as needed.

12)       Assess prospective foster parents and conduct licensing home studies as assigned/needed.

13)       Complete annual and renewal licensing as assigned/needed.

14)       Complete special evaluations with assigned cases as needed.

15)       Plan and conduct individual and/or group foster care orientation meetings with prospective families.

16)       Develop rapport/relationships with all agency foster families through regular contact (at least  monthly) through phone, email, in-person contact.

17)       Work with families in HATW foster care program once they become licensed and accept placement of children – answer questions, assist in their transition, educate, prepare, support.

18)       Manage foster care intake requests, including responding to all statewide and regional placement searches (in person, email and phone searches).

19)       Coordinate case acceptance and placement with foster care department

20)       Maintain and ensure submission of the Regional Placement Unit daily spreadsheet by the appointed deadline

21)       Respond to all statewide and regional placement searches (in person, email and phone searches) with placement availability

22)       Participate in monthly POS Coalitions in areas of service, including, but not limited to, Washtenaw, Monroe, Lenawee, Livingston and Wayne Counties.

23)       Facilitate a positive working relationship with DHHS, DCWL, networking agencies, licensing consultant, and clients. Maintain a good working relationship with the HATW foster care and adoption departments.

24)       Maintain compliance with State of Michigan Policies and Regulations specific to all case activities.

25)       Participate in the maintenance of all records, files, and cases pertaining to services rendered to foster home certification and licensed families.

26)       Periodically audit case files as directed.

27)       Cover for other team members as needed.

28)       Attend agency staff and program related meetings.

29)       Participate in agency trainings as directed.

30)       Maintain 32 hours of job related training per year as specified in the Employee Handbook or as determined by the State contract.

31)       Maintain an up-to-date personal file as directed by Human Resources.

32)       Additional duties as directed related to program.



The Foster Home Recruitment, Retention and Intake Specialist is accountable to the Licensing Supervisor and the Director.


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