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Protecting children from abuse and neglect since 1887.

D.A. Blodgett - St. John’s is an agency that works in partnership with our community for the good of all children. We are local, non-profit and accredited. We provide comprehensive services to children and families, including Mentoring Services, foster care, adoption, and family support, as well as, residential treatment and emergency shelter care.

Position: Foster Home Licensing Supervisor

Reports To: Licensing Department Manager

Beginning Salary Range: $42,000 - $50,000

Application Deadline: June 13, 2018

Full-time position providing supervision, direction and support to a well-established team of Foster Home licensing staff.  Includes oversight of certification and special evaluation processes to assure accurate, comprehensive and timely completion, reporting and monitoring of initial and re-certification reports and corrective action plans, in accordance with MDDHS, DCWL, COA and agency policies and procedures. Provide initial and ongoing training to foster parents. Assure children in care are safe and nurtured through consistent monitoring, with designated Licensor, of situations requiring additional support, training or technical assistance and prompt and thorough response to any concerns. Serve as part of the Division leadership group and work in close partnership with Foster Care Supervisors.

Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or similar degree with significant experience in child welfare required.  A Master’s degree is preferred.  Experience in foster care, adoption or foster home licensing is preferred.  DCWL Certification training is preferred.  Must be available evenings and weekends.

Bilingual and culturally diverse persons are encouraged to apply. For more information about our Agency and to apply to this position, visit  Please submit resume and cover letter, along with salary preference. EOE.



Foster Care Licensing








Helping children and empowering families by providing safety, advocacy and support.





The Licensing team is primarily concerned with the recruitment, screening, evaluating, training, developing, licensing and maintaining foster care homes to meet the needs of any particular child who may need out of home care.  In addition, licensing staff make and/or assist with the initial and replacement of children in foster care and strive to place children in homes which assure the child's racial identity, sibling ties, best interests, and safety.





  1. The Licensing Supervisor assures appropriate procedures for screening and evaluating foster family and relative family applicants are followed by the licensing specialists in accordance with DHS, BCAL, COA and agency policies and procedures.
  2. The Licensing Supervisor is responsible for assuring his/her staff follow all procedures for maintaining and/or closing a foster home, including appropriate documentation, foster home updates and reevaluation reports.
  3. The Licensing Supervisor is responsible for assuring that the licensing staff completes a special evaluation, when needed and within required time frames, to assure that the foster home is in compliance with licensing rules, state and agency policies and that children are safe.  The Licensing Supervisor will notify the Licensing Manager of any complaint.
  4. The Licensing Supervisor shall manage a case of licensed homes as assigned by the Licensing Manager.
  5. The Licensing Supervisor will be available to consult with and advise Foster Care and Adoption staff as to specific foster home availability for any child needing placement or replacement.   
  6. The Licensing Supervisor will assist with or assign licensing staff to place all children who are in need of initial placement and take a regular turn on the “after hours pager rotation.”  
  7. The Licensing Supervisor will facilitate foster parent training and/or orientation sessions, as assigned by the Licensing Manager.
  8. The Licensing Supervisor will oversee all unlicensed relative care providers assigned to their staff.  This will include assuring that all paperwork is completed/received in a timely manner, including all DHS documentation.
  9. The Licensing Supervisor will train any new licensing specialists assigned to his/her team.  He/she will directly supervise no more than 5 licensing specialists.
  10. The Licensing Supervisor will complete monthly Clinical Reviews and provide data quarterly to the Quality Assurance Manager.
  11. The Licensing Supervisor is supervised directly by the Licensing Manager in his/her licensing responsibilities.  
  12. Agency related duties to include: attendance at general staff meetings, departmental meetings, cooperation with other departments within the agency, timely completion of paperwork (to include mileage, PTO/comp time/ timesheets, Outlook Calendar, annual staff evaluations), and inter-agency meetings and committees.
  13. In addition to scheduled 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. work hours, (or an approved flex time schedule) the Licensing Supervisor will be responsible to accommodate his/her schedule to staff and foster parents’ availability.  This will include group meetings, special events, after agency hours or appointments, and telephone contacts.  It is expected that the Licensing Supervisor will work 40 hours per week prior to requesting compensatory time.
  14. Licensing supervisor may be assigned to assist with other duties by the Licensing Manager, Director of Child Welfare Services or Chief Program Officer.  Examples include:  speeches, public relations, promotions, recruitment, special committees or task forces, or work with Board of Directors’ committees.
  15. Other responsibilities shall include those set forth in agency personnel policies as amended.





  1. Ability to communicate verbally and effectively to exchange information with coworkers, peers, the community, and others involved in your position.
  2. Ability to maintain a stationary position for extended periods of time.
  3. Ability to determine and assess job related documents and visually utilize Agency equipment.
  4. Ability to physically handle and perform job related functions, including the operation of Agency equipment.
  5. Ability to ascend/descend stairs safely and successfully.
  6. Ability to physically position oneself to effectively interact with clients.
  7. Ability to lift and transport 30lbs




  1. A Bachelor’s degree in social work or a related field, plus 4 years in a child welfare position.
  2. A Master’s degree in social work or a related field, plus 3 years in a child welfare position, preferred.
  3. Valid driver’s license, adequate insurance with a car available at all times.
  4. Ability to work with a variety of people both within and outside the agency.  Must promote a positive image for the agency in the community and in relationships with other agencies and their personnel.
  5. Become familiar with and follow the code of ethics for your profession and agree to abide by the related agency standards.
  6. Possess an understanding and sensitivity to the client’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics.
  7. Personal qualities of warmth, sensitivity, a positive attitude, and the ability to establish meaningful therapeutic relationships from various cultures, and a capacity to make sound decisions.
  8. Effective written communication skills.
  9. Acceptance of supervision in order to continually improve assessment, planning, and management skills.  
  10. Ability to plan and follow through effectively on foster home recruitment, screening, and assessment.
  11. High frustration tolerance level.
  12. Interest in child welfare and commitment to expedient and concurrent permanency planning.
  13. Comprehensive understanding of child development, especially as it relates to child abuse and neglect victims.
  14. Knowledge of community resources.
  15. Positive acceptance of supervision in order to learn and be trained in job-related functions.
  16. Personal qualities of organizational skills, assertiveness, good judgment, conscientiousness, attention to detail, and timeliness.
  17. Good moral character.
  18. A personal commitment to the Agency’s mission, philosophy, and values.














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