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Saginaw and Traverse City

Foster Care Worker

Positions available in: Saginaw and Traverse City


Position Overview 


Assesses the functioning of the individual foster care youth and his or her biological family; sets treatment goals and plans interventions with the treatment team, youth, and biological family; coordinates, implements, and delivers the agreed-upon services; determines the youth’s and family’s progress to evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions and plans.  Provides support, assistance, and consultation to the foster family; advocates and coordinates services in the community. 


Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Provided case management services for all assigned children and families. 
  • Will maintain a caseload of up to 13 clients. 
  • Conduct face to face home visits with the child, foster parents, relative care giver and biological parents.  
  • Will coordinate and ensure sibling visitation occurs monthly. 
  • Will facilitate Family Team Meetings as required.  
  • Develops treatment goals, primary objectives and action plans. Evaluates effectiveness of treatment planning, interventions and improvement of family functioning 
  • Coordinates activities between professionals involved with foster care youth and families.  Provides input and direction for treatment planning.  Obtains and provides information concerning issues and concerns of youth and biological family. 
  • Implements interventions with youth and family to prepare for reunification or other applicable permanency plans.   
  • Required to transport youth. 
  • Will be required to travel. 
  • Provides outreach assistance and coordination to families and youth to ensure needs are met.  Coordinates visits to schools, courts, referring agency and other agencies to facilitate interventions and treatment. 
  • Supports foster family and biological family regarding needs of youth.  Networks with various human service agencies to assist in meeting identified needs.  Secures specific services for biological/foster families as needed. 
  • Writes individualized service plans, court reports, home studies as other documents as required per policy. 
  • Maintains child confidentiality per agency standards. 
  • Provides continuation of treatment and focus on adjustment during six months of aftercare. 
  • Explores relative placement options for children. 
  • Ensures medical, dental, emotional and physical needs of the children are met.   
  • Meets will immediate supervisor on a monthly basis in order to review performance, caseload, accomplishments and challenges. 
  • Will maintain compliance with performance standards, DHHS policy and contractual responsibility. 
  • Will use the state approved automated child welfare information system for report writing and record keeping.  
  • Provides 24hour crisis on-call availability to youth and family on asneeded basis. 
  • Will attend staff meetings. 
  • May be required to work shifts (only applicable for those covering the independent living program) 
  • Maintains a flexible working schedule to accommodate the needs of families. 
  • Will complete accurate, professional and timely completion of all required reports, social work contact, services plans and other paperwork as required by program specific and applicable contract terms. 
  • Will completed accurate, professional and timely court reports, attend court hearings and provide testimony.   
  • Will perform job functions as it relates to DHHS policy and contractual responsibilities.  
  • Continues professional development through professional literature and participation in various conferences, seminars and professional organization. 
  • Responsible for teaching, modeling, practicing, supporting and articulating the Agency’s treatment philosophy. 
  • Performs other duties related to the essential duties of the position and within the individual’s capabilities as assigned by one’s supervisor. 




Education and/or Experience: 

Bachelor’s degree in Behavior Science, Community Service, Counseling (Psychology), Criminal Justice (Administration), Early Childhood Studies, Family Life Education, Family Studies, Family and/or Child Development, Guidance/School Counseling, Human Services, Psychology, Social Work or Sociology and 2 years of directly related experience. 


Must be able to pass written portion of TCI certification training through HCS. Must pass Child Welfare Pre-Service Institute Training.   

Licenses Needed: 

Valid and Current Driver’s License. Meet State “Good Moral Character” guidelines. 

Special Skills: 

Must be organized as well as having excellent verbal, written and communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively with children, families collaborating agencies, community professionals and HCS treatment team.  Able to effectively manage signification amount of documentation. Must be a self-starter, able to work with minimal supervision. Able to prioritize and be accountable for completion of tasks in a timely manner.  Ability to organize, multi task and prioritize duties and responsibilities.  Must be able to program solve and respond to crisis. 

Physical Effort: 

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