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Traverse City and Muskegon openings


Foster Care Worker - Traverse City and Muskegon openings
Holy Cross Services

Holy Cross Services is one of the largest private, not-for-profit providers of children’s, behavioral health and substance abuse services in Michigan. The service portfolio includes foster care homes, independent living, residential programs, charter schools, along with inpatient and outpatient behavioral health and substance abuse services.


 Assesses and diagnoses the functioning of the individual foster care youth and his or her biological family; sets treatment goals and plans interventions with the treatment team, youth, and biological family; coordinates, implements, and delivers the agreed-upon services; determines the youth’s and family’s progress to evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions and plans. Provides support, assistance, and consultation to the treatment foster family; advocates and coordinates services with additional services and resources in the community.



·      Education/Experience: Bachelor’s degree in Behavior Science, Community Service, Counseling (Psychology), Criminal Justice (Administration), Early Childhood Studies, Family Life Education, Family Studies, Family and/or Child Development, Guidance/School Counseling, Human Services, Psychology, Social Work or Sociology and 2 years of directly related experience. 

·      Certification: Must be able to pass written portion of TCI certification training through HCS. 

·      Licensing: 

o  Valid and current driver’s license.

o  Meet State “Good Moral Character” guidelines. 

·      Special Skills:  

o  Ability to assess, interpret, and respond appropriately to verbal and non-verbal communications of youth and co-workers.

o  Ability to understand cause and effect relationships and the interrelatedness of one’s own behavior relative to the behavior of others. 

o  Working knowledge of foster care system and community resources. 

·      Physical Effort:  

o  Driving. 

o  Physical ability to stand and/or walk during scheduled shifts; to frequently lift, carry and/or push 25 pounds. 

·      Equipment Used: Automobile, beeper, telephone 

·      Work Environment: 

o  Agency Field

o  Community



·      Assesses and diagnoses family functioning to determine immediate areas of treatment. 

·      Formulates treatment goals, primary objectives and action plans. Utilizes integration of diagnostic tools, consults with youth, family and treatment team.

·      Coordinates activities between professionals or para professionals involved with foster care youths. Provides input and direction for treatment planning. Obtains and provides information concerning issues and concerns of youth and biological family. 

·      Implements interventions with youth and family to prepare for return to home/extended family. Conducts individual and family sessions. Makes home visits. Conducts planned activities to prepare youth and family for reunification. May be required to transport youth. 

·      Evaluates effectiveness of treatment planning, interventions and improvement of family functioning. Analyzes data provided by Program Evaluation and MIS. Analyzes youth and reports to determine further treatment needs and appropriateness of goals. 

·      Provides continuation of treatment and focus on adjustment during six months of aftercare.

·      Provides outreach assistance and coordination to families and youth. Plans for additional support services arranging contacts and visits to family. Coordinates visits to schools, courts, referring agency and other agencies to facilitate interventions and treatment.

·      Supports foster family and biological family regarding issues/rights of youth. Networks with various human service agencies to assist in meeting determined needs. Secures specific services for biological/foster families as needed. 

·      Submits necessary documentation to monitor treatment progress and maintain licensing and contractual obligations. 

·      Provides documentation and testimony to courts as requested. 

·      Provides 24 hour crisis on call availability to youth and treatment family on as needed basis. 

·      Continues professional development through professional literature and participation in various conferences, seminars and professional organizations.

·      Participates in treatment parent training. 

·      Responsible for the administration of medications as prescribed by medical professionals. 

·      Responsible for teaching, modeling, practicing, supporting and articulating the Agency’s treatment philosophy and/or others that may be required contractually.



Performs other duties related to the essential duties of the position and within the individual’s capabilities as assigned by one’s supervisor.


Holy Cross Services is an equal opportunity employer.


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