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East Lansing, MI

Foster Care Licensing Supervisor

Requisition #: req2041

Location:  East Lansing, MI

Hours:  40 hours weekly

Bethany Christian Service’s heart is for children. Our mission is to demonstrate the love of Christ by bringing children and families together through pregnancy support, foster care, adoption, refugee, counseling, and many other services. Strengthening families for the well-being of children is our top priority.

As a Foster Care Licensing Supervisor, you will be primarily responsible for leading the licensing team and fostering an environment that promotes positive employee morale. This individual is also responsible for assisting with the development and maintenance of operating manuals, along with overseeing the implementation of agency policies and procedures. 

 This position is expected to function effectively with moderate supervision while following the guidelines given on procedures, along with agency, federal, and state licensing regulatory requirements. 

  1.  Manage, develop, and train the licensing team, while providing weekly supervision; 
  2. Build a cohesive team and maintain positive employee morale; 
  3. Ensure agency policies and procedures are enforced through employee evaluations, conference request, time sheets, and reimbursement vouchers; 
  4. Develop, update, and maintain the program operating manuals; 
  5. Stay abreast of current trends and theories to recommend the appropriate changes to agency policy and practices, as needed; 
  6. Develop, enhance, and maintain positive relationships with referral sources, state and federal agencies, volunteer and community agencies, and other external entities; 
  7. Attend project teams and meetings that will enhance the provision of services to children; 
  8. Oversee the operations of the employee selection, training, and orientation processes; 
  9. Manage the intake and referral process within the program; 
  10. Manage the employee vacation schedules to ensure adequate coverage and availability for services; 
  11. Stay abreast of all agency, federal, and state regulatory requirements related to Foster Care, Licensing, and State Adoption; 
  12. Complete other duties as assigned.


  1. Master’s degree in Human Services, Social Work or related field of study from an accredited college;
  2. At least four (4) years of experience in child welfare and foster care services;
  3. Demonstrated ability with providing excellent clinical, therapeutic, and crisis intervention skills;
  4. Obtain and maintain the appropriate professional licensure and registration; • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  5. Must exhibit an ability to apply the principles of logic and critical thinking with problem solving;
  6. Must be reliable with time sensitive deadlines and tasks;
  7. Exercise a high level of confidentiality;
  8. Pass a criminal history screen, including state and local child protection agency registries;
  9. Subscription to and integration of the agency Statement of Faith, Mission Statement, and Cultural Diversity Commitment.

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