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Albion, MI

Starr Commonwealth seeks to hire an Evaluator who is an innovative, energetic professional to lead with courage to bring out the greatness in all children, families and communities.

Purpose of Position:
The Evaluator systematically collects, maintains, processes, and interprets information about Starr Commonwealth’s program and organizational practices to identify and implement quality improvement opportunities. This includes: data collection and analysis; survey design; process evaluation; action plan development; and participation in Performance Quality Improvement (PQI) Committee meetings. The Evaluator participates in the accreditation process, coordinates process and outcome assessment of programs to improve care delivery, conducts fidelity reviews of programming, and prepares quarterly and annual reports for organizational leadership and the clients served by Starr Commonwealth. The Evaluator ensures that all evaluation and quality improvement activities align with funder, state, accreditor requirements, and Starr Commonwealth’s strategic plan.

Essential Functions:
*Practices ethical standards for research and evaluation, while maintaining and protecting all client information as confidential.
*Works with those responsible for compliance to conduct and report on program audits.
*Conducts research and evaluation on program and organizational practices to implement a Performance Quality Improvement (PQI) plan that enhances the organization while ensuring alignment with accreditation standards and Starr Commonwealth’s strategic plan.
*Analyzes, interprets and reports all data information systems and responds appropriately and accurately to data requests from identified stakeholders.
*Conducts data collection for training evaluations and internal organizational practices for performance quality improvement (PQI), completes external environmental surveys, and disseminates interpretation of results.
*Conducts research and evaluation projects for Starr Commonwealth, utilizing quantitative and qualitative methods.
*Helps Starr Administration understand and interpret client/program data to facilitate program improvement and enhance business practices.
*Coordinates efforts with other Starr leaders to ensure key client data is available at defined, strategic intervals.
*Performs data management and validation operations (i.e., data entry, cleaning).
*Performs research and evaluation tasks at both micro and macro levels to produce quality work products.
*Contributes to dashboard development and related analyses that help drive organizational success.
*Works in collaboration with other members of the Research and Evaluation team in developing process improvements.
*Performs other duties as assigned.

Key Qualifications:
*Masters Degree in Research and Evaluation or related field
*5 years in Research & Evaluation or related field

Preferred Education or Skills:
High proficiency in quantitative and qualitative research, survey and dashboard building, and computer software and tools (e.g., Qualtrics, Excel, SPSS, and other statistical software); the ability to ensure validity and reliability of statistical outcomes; excellent oral and written skills; and the ability to conduct multiple projects concurrently, both independently and as a member of a team, are essential.

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