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Saginaw, Flint & Lansing

Clinical Services Manager


Positions available in: Saginaw, Flint and Lansing


Position Overview 


Maintains order in clinical activities, assignments and procedures consistent with policy manual and clinical practices to enhance therapeutic outcomes by assuring the highest quality treatment.  Educates and train clinicians in proper treatment procedures through active supervision and review of all cases, critique case record documentation and outgoing reports. 


Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Observes delivery of direct services to patients randomly.  Critiques and discusses observation, findings, and recommendations with therapists.  Assures remediation of documented clinician performance problems. 
  • Reports, at least weekly, to immediate supervisor regarding performance and problems found in service delivery, staffing plans, case record documentation and materials or equipment needs/requests. 
  • Performs direct service as a therapist with clients at the site as needed related to census volume and staffing patterns. 
  • Observes, and documents performance problems and disciplinary issues of coworkers in consultation  
  • Prepares timely clinical staff performance reviews, clinical privilege reviews.  Provides reports to supervisor or committees as appropriate. 
  • Sits on initiatives or sub-committees as assigned and carries out assignments 
  • Assures responsibility for a timely scheduling of all intake appointments and therapy schedules. 
  • Oversees and supervises all routine and special crisis situations of the clinic and of the caseload. 
  • Conducts ongoing Utilization Review activities and completes assignments and conduct studies as directed by the UR Team. 
  • Reviews all intake paperwork, transfers and discharge recommendations.  Assures quality and integrity of case record documentation. 
  • Reviews all original and revised treatment plans of care and assessments prepared by clinical staff.  Recommend changes or revisions in treatment to enhance efficient and effective results in goal and objective areas. 
  • Participates in audits, accreditation surveys, licensing inspections and modify practices to assure compliance with set standards, laws and Agency directives. 
  • Maintains regular communication with Agency physicians to comprehend and carries out treatment orders. 
  • Oversees, trains clinicians, and assures thoroughness and accuracy of documents necessary to the billing department for processing and billing out insurance and contracted service units. 
  • Assures data is collected for Program Evaluation for required surveys, outcomes and measurements. 
  • Coordinates, schedules and documents professional staff growth and development activities in accordance with organization philosophy, policy manual and required standards in the field of work.  Develops, executes and documents regular schedules of in-service education and treatment staff meetings. 
  • Continually upgrades education through workshops (CEU’s), seminars and formal education. 
  • Assist with program development and outcomes tracking for contracts, licensing and PIHIP requirements  
  • May be required to transport clients. 
  • Performs other duties related to the essential duties of the position and within the individual’s capabilities as assigned by one’s supervisor. 
  • Oversees staffing, and participates in the hiring process of open and new positions.  




Education and/or Experience: 

Master’s degree in Social Work, Psychology or Counseling and LMSW, LPC or LP licensure and related experience in mental health or substance abuse treatment.  Must also have one (1) year experience in a supervisory position. 


CAADC (Certification of Advanced Alcoholism & Drug Counseling) and CCS (Certified Clinical Supervisor) OR have proof of eligibility or documentation of being on an approved development plan. 

Licenses Needed: 

Valid and Current Driver’s License. Meet State “Good Moral Character” guidelines. 

Special Skills: 

Ongoing clinical privileges. 

Physical Effort: 

Physical ability to stand and/or walk during scheduled shifts; to frequently lift, carry and/or push 25 pounds; to occasionally lift, carry and/or push up to 35 pounds; and to bend, reach stretch, twist, turn, climb, kneel, crouch, grasp and crawl. 

Equipment Used: 

General office equipment 

Work Environment: 

Treatment facility 

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