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 Job Summary 

This position is a full time position that provides case management services for children and families on an assigned caseload in accordance with all applicable contractual and regulatory requirements and accreditation standards. 

Duties and Responsibilities 

1. Assume primary responsibility for all cases on assigned caseload. Provide a range of case management, including social casework, engagement, mentoring, and community referral. 

2. Assure all contract foster care service requirements are met, including but not limited to child contact, birth parent/family planning contact, foster parent contact, sibling contact and parenting time requirements are met as outlined in the TFC Contract. 

3. Maintain weekly contact with the TFC Behavioral Aide when authorized to assist his/her understanding of the TFC child’s treatment plan, and his/her role in achieving the child’s goals of acquiring developmental and therapeutically appropriate daily living and social skills, and recreational and leisure activities. 

4. Work collaboratively with referral sources, agencies, institutions, and individuals who have important roles in the client’s life situation. Communicate not less than monthly with each child’s mental health provider to monitor each TFC child’s progress in treatment and ensure coordination of services to the child. Coordinate and collaborate with the educational system, having contact with the child’s school at least monthly. 

5. Review behavior logs completed by the TFC family minimally on a monthly basis. 

6. Prepare for supervisory conferences and provide documented assurance that all assigned cases are being handled on a regular basis, in accordance with the treatment plan. 

7. Assume responsibility for all reports, statistics and assignments as required. Assume responsibility for all case files, including filing, on assigned caseloads. Collect, analyze, evaluate and document appropriate data and client progress, as required for record keeping and reporting. 

8. Attend and testify at all scheduled court hearings on assigned caseloads. 


Job Qualifications 

Education, Training, and Licensure/Certification 

 Master Degree in human service related field 



 Bachelor degree in human service related field and two years of experience in child welfare. 


Experience Case Manager, Treatment Foster Care – ($1,000 sign on bonus plus $500 after 6 months of employment) 

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 See education above. 


Knowledge Skills and Abilities 

 Ability to work with children and families with multiple problems and an overall ability to relate and engage with children and families in the resolution of these problems. 

 Ability to read, speak and write English language. 

 Ability to communicate professionally and extensively orally and in writing with government regulatory personnel, staff, service provides, clients and families. Ability to prepare business letters, reports, documents and summaries using prescribed format and conforming to all rules of punctuation, grammar, diction and style. 

 Ability to be culturally competent and relate to multi-problem families. 

 Ability to facilitate and collaboratively work with the TFC treatment team to establish and implement treatment plans, goals and behavioral interventions. 

 Ability to develop outcomes measurements related to programs activities and services. Ability to complete short and long-term goal setting. 

 Ability to work in a team relationships with other professionals from various community groups, agencies and disciplines. 

 Ability to advocate for program needs within the organization and inter-organization systems. 

 Knowledge and ability to utilize various computer application including spreadsheets. 


Additional Work Requirements 

 Participate in a system of 24 hour availability to clients, TFC parents, birth parents/planning family and youth, as required. 

 Unrestricted, valid driver’s license with good driving record. Reliable personal transportation suitable for safely transporting persons served; proof of current automobile insurance. 


Physical and Mental Requirements 

 Ability to lift and carry materials weighing up to 50 pounds. Ability to lift/carry small children up to 100 pounds. Near visual acuity; hand-eye coordination; hand and finger dexterity. 


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