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Title: Behavioral Health Services Contract

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The Behavioral Health Services contract worker shall hold a master’s degree from an accredited program of social work, counseling, marriage and family counseling, clinical psychology or closely related field.  Must additionally have experience in adoption and foster care services and 1 year clinical experience working with children.


The Behavioral Health Services contract worker will maintain a license with the State of Michigan, as applicable.  May not have been convicted of child abuse or neglect, a felony involving harm or threatened harm to an individual within the 10 years immediately preceding the date of hire, or is listed on the central registry as a perpetrator of child abuse or child neglect. This agency shall make a good faith effort to recruit and employ staff which reflect the racial, ethnic, and cultural composition of this agency’s client population.


Core Competencies:

Appropriate candidate for this position must have the ability to work well with the agency’s client population, have the ability to be an active listener with good clinical observation and assessment skills, good communication skills and empathy, the ability to be flexible and able to handle change, be able to work independently, and maintain case responsibility and follow-through are all essential core competencies. The Behavioral Health Services contract worker meets with clients, maintains a client case load, discuss life challenges, plan solutions to problems the client reports and manage cases on a contract basis. Knowledge of the adoption issues for children and their families, and having solid clinical knowledge focusing on cognitive, emotional and behavioral solutions is necessary. Appropriate candidate must have the ability, experience, education, and training to perform the duties assigned. Appropriate candidate must be able to understand and follow the agency’s Vision and Mission statements.


Salary: Contract payment.


Position Summary:

The Behavioral Health Services contract worker will provide client therapy and maintain case documentation. Will be paneled with various insurance companies. Acceptance of cases will be on a contractual basis.


Job Description:


1. Provide mental health services to individuals, families, children, adolescents to address their specific needs including intervention, evaluation, and referral services in office, home, or school.  

2. Provide comprehensive assessments, treatment planning, risk assessment, clinical

  interventions, case management, and coordination of therapeutic activities to agency clients.

3. Ensure that documentation and maintenance of clinical records is completed per appropriate standards and regulations.   

4. Coordinate care with external providers and community when necessary. Collaborate with any other treatment providers to assure an integrated approach to treatment.

5. Provide services using the CAFAS system as appropriate.

6. Maintain a current and valid professional license.

7. Maintain current professional liability insurance.



The Behavioral Health Services contract worker is accountable to the Behavioral Health Services Coordinator who is accountable to the agency Director.  


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