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The ASD Case Manager coordinates services for families with children on the autism spectrum or with other pervasive developmental disabilities. 

Success in the role is measured on:

  • Ability to engage with children and families.
  • Ability to assist families in identifying their strengths, needs and barriers.
  • Ability to help families maximize the use of their assigned service network to their benefit.
  • Ability to effectively interface with multiple service providers and other stakeholders involved with families served.
  • Ability to serve as principle case manager for families served by multiple providers.
  • Ability to meet expected case documentation requirements.
  • Ability to maintain compliance with agency and contractual training and licensure requirements.

Essential Functions:

  • Engage with children and families, assisting them to improve their functioning.
  • Interact with clients in non-traditional settings and during non-traditional hours.
  • Represent clients served and through interacting with referral sources.
  • Serve as the case manager for families assigned helping them navigate their service network in a productive manner.
  • Document services through the use of an Electronic Medical Record and other formats.
  • Represent clients served through interacting with referral sources and other professionals, supporting the child and family.
  • Provide crisis intervention, safety planning and support.

Knowledge or Experience:

  • At least one year of experience in providing treatment services for children and families.
  • Experience in and or an understanding and knowledge of the evidence-based treatment models and mental health services.
  • Must complete a minimum of 24 hours of training annually focusing specifically on the treatment of children and families.

Minimum Qualifications / Experience:

  • Meets or exceeds the qualifications to be considered a Child Mental Health Professional (CMHP)
  • Specialized training and one year of experience in the examination, evaluation, and treatment of minors and their families and who is a psychologist, licensed or limited-licensed master’s social worker, licensed or limited-licensed professional counselor; or an individual with at least a bachelor’s degree in a mental health-related field from an accredited school.
  • Trained and has three years supervised experience in the examination, evaluation, and treatment of minors and their families;
  • Or an individual with at least a master’s degree in a mental health-related field from an accredited school who is trained and has one year of experience in the examination, evaluation and treatment of minors and their families.
  • Demonstrated ability to provide services during non-traditional work hours.

Education / Certifications:

  • Bachelor degree meeting all of the requirements of a CMHP.
  • State licensure commensurate with degree (or ability to get one within 30 days of hire).
  • An understanding, commitment and/or training in strength-based and evidence-based treatment models.

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