FYI • August 7, 2009 • No. 16

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FYI • August 7, 2009 • No. 16
The next FYI bulletin will be issued August 21, 2009

• State budget action on hold—The House Subcommittee meeting on DHS Appropriations scheduled for this week was cancelled. In addition, the full House Appropriations adjourned quickly and without taking any specific action on the foster care rate matter. Next week’s August 12 meeting of the full House Appropriations Committee also has been cancelled. Discussions continue at many levels toward resolving per diem rate issues; as Federation members you will be kept updated.

• DHS Contractors Meeting held August 5—The DHS Quarterly Contractors meeting was held on Wednesday and included topics such as development of residential step-down programs, data systems updates, CFSR dashboard (data reports), statewide payment sweep, guardianship, updates from BJJ and BCAL, and residential foster care contract performance measures. Private agencies can volunteer to assist DHS with development of data elements and a private agency interface with SWSS; if interested, contact Terri Gilbert ( If anyone is still having trouble registering staff for CWTI training sessions, they should contact Carol Siemon (517-241-9275) or Chris Durocher (517-241-8755) directly as problems are still occurring with the online training registration process. Also, a PCC (formerly TDM) training is scheduled for August 18, 19 and 20 at the Cadillac Place; 20 slots are open for private agency staff (see item below). Funding is available for the new guardianship support program, and as the application process is complicated, anyone wishing to apply is encouraged to contact DHS staff who will help walk through the application (contact Anita Peters at 517-241-8817). The next DHS Quarterly Contractors Meeting is set for Nov. 5, 2009, 1:00-4:00 PM at the Michigan Library & Historical Center, 702 W. Kalamazoo St., Lansing.

• August 18, 19, 20: Training for new Permanency Case Conferences (PCC) for October 1, 2009 effective date—Notice was issued August 6 by DHS, stating that as specified in your current contract with the Department of Human Services and in the Dwayne B. v. Granholm, et. al. Settlement Agreement, child placing agencies are required to conduct Permanency Case Conferences (PCC), formerly known as Team Decision Making meetings (TDMs) at critical stages of a case beginning October 1, 2009. Consequently, DHS will be conducting two (2) PCC/TDM Facilitator trainings on August 18, 19 and 20, 2009, at the Cadillac Place in Detroit. Each training session can accommodate ten (10) private agency participants. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis. The successful registrants will receive a confirmation letter indicating specifics regarding the location and time of the training. If you have questions, contact Johanna Ward in the DHS Bureau of Child Welfare, Urban Field Operations office, (313) 456-3909 or by email:

• Aaron Morandini named new executive director at Girlstown Foundation—Long-time Federation Full Member Girlstown Foundation in Belleville has announced Aaron Morandini will take the helm as executive director effective August 10, 2009. Aaron hails from Don Bosco Hall where he served as assistant residential services director. Please welcome him next week at (734) 697-7242, ext. 228.

• Federation Individual Member renewals—Staff are pleased to announce the latest renewals of Individual Memberships:
Gary Bennett, President/CEO, Eagle Village
Joseph Pasman, Jr., Investment Adviser Representative, Eagle Strategies Corporation, Board member of Lutheran Child & Family Service of MI
Brian D. Philson, President/CEO, Highfields, Inc.
Sally Westerheide, Account Supervisor, Team Detroit, Board member of Christ Child House


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