FYI • August 21, 2009 • No. 17

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FYI • August 21, 2009 • No. 17
The next FYI bulletin will be issued September 4, 2009


• Good news—Word was received late Wednesday that the $37/day foster care administrative rate will stay in place and that the counties will be held harmless through September 30.

• Budget process slow going—One legislative leader describes negotiations as at a stalemate, another believes progress in being made. Granholm Administration officials remain silent on budget negotiations. Tough decisions about cuts and revenue sources are on the table.

• DHS hosts meeting to discuss contracting process—Kathryne O’Grady hosted a meeting with contractor agencies in Lansing on August 11 for the purpose of looking at the contracting process and exploring development of a system of care to better serve children, including therapeutic foster care and group homes as step-down resources for youth exiting residential treatment. DHS is working with DCH to explore drawing down federal Medicaid funding to cover services such as therapeutic foster care. Private agency partners are invited and urged to share their expertise and best practices and consider collective contracts to provide the best array of services for the identified population. Numerous agency representatives signed up for the two work groups that will develop what was discussed at this meeting.

• Federation represented at federally-hosted Summit on Public/Private Partnership—Federation Executive Director Janet Reynolds Snyder was invited to represent Michigan’s private agencies at the Summit on Public/Private Partnership sponsored by the U.S. Children’s Bureau and the National Quality Improvement Center on the Privatization of Child Welfare Services August 12-13 in St. Louis, MO. Each state had been offered two slots: one for a State official and one for a private agency partner. Terri Gilbert, director of the DHS Child Welfare Improvement Bureau, had invited Janet to attend with her. Janet reports the time was well spent. Participants shared information on a variety of topics, including maintaining the partnership during times of crisis, bridging the data and technology gap between public and private child welfare systems, and partnering to successfully improve child welfare outcomes.

• HR MIN has new Co-Chairs; next meeting September 21—We are very pleased to announce that Annette Sobocinski, Chief Operating Officer for Whaley Children’s Center, and Valerie Warren, Director of Human Resources & Professional Development at The Children’s Center of Wayne County, have agreed to serve as co-chairs of the Federation’s HR MIN. They can be reached via email at and The HR MIN’s next meeting is Monday, September 21, 2009 at 1:00 PM, immediately following the HR L&L. RSVP with attendance plans and agenda topics to Annette and Valerie and/or

• September 21: HR L&L topic is health and wellness plans—The HR Lunch & Learn session on September 21 starts at 11:30 AM, followed immediately by the HR MIN meeting from 1:00 to 2:00 PM. This HR L&L will be the second such event, compliments of Federation Corporate Sponsor Berends Hendricks Stuit Insurance Agency. BHS associates Libby Hews and Pat Dalton will present: Part 1: Unravel some different concepts of Consumer Driven Health plans. You may be a candidate for one of these plans! Learn how other Federation members have lowered their insurance costs and maintained benefits. Pat Dalton will be discussing the ins and outs of HRAs and HSAs. Part 2: Changes in your employees’ daily habits can add up to big improvements in their health, lowering their chances for heart disease, cancer, and other chronic conditions. Employers who invest in the health of their employees see an overall return on their investments through lower healthcare costs, decreased use of healthcare, lower absenteeism, and increased productivity, research shows. Some view wellness programs as an unnecessary expenditure, though, and the programs often make their way to the chopping block. Make sure your program is not one of the casualties! Libby Hews will discuss how implementing a workplace wellness program correctly can generate large savings and improve your entire workplace culture. Lunch is on BHS; RSVP by September 14 so we are sure to order enough food:
• September 21: Staff Training MIN to meet—The Staff Training MIN will meet Monday, September 21, 2:00-3:30 PM at the Federation office. Please email topics for discussion and/or presentation to MIN Chair Vito Lentini,
• November 17-18-19: Regional child trauma treatment training “tour of Michigan” featuring Dr. Bruce Perry—Planning is underway for the three regional one-day trauma-focused treatment training seminars featuring Dr. Bruce Perry. We are especially grateful to Federation member agencies for hosting each of these events: November 17 at Starr Commonwealth’s conference center in Albion; November 18 at the Postma Center at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services in Grand Rapids; and November 19 at The Children’s Center of Wayne County in Detroit. Details and registration will be available in early September.
• Accreditation/CQI MIN met August 12—The Accreditation/CQI MIN met August 12 where discussion focused on engaging stakeholders in the PQI process. The next meeting is scheduled for November 3, 10-noon at the Federation office. The MIN will take a look at ethics and how organizations are implementing the 8th Ed. standard. If CARF has a parallel, the group would appreciate hearing from that point of view as well.
• AACRC hosts information luncheon August 21 with Federation residential treatment providers—Kari Behling, national director of the American Association of Children’s Residential Centers, and Tom Standish, clinical director for Abraxas in Ohio, spoke with members about the AACRC about their organization’s national initiatives and policies and reviewed the group’s 2009 outcomes survey. Members used this opportunity to update AACRC about what’s happening in Michigan. Anyone wishing more information about AACRC can contact Kari at, (877) 332-2272.

• Federation Individual Member renewals—Staff are pleased to announce the latest renewals of Individual Memberships:
Barbara MacKenzie, Regional Director, Lutheran Child & Family Service of MI
Linda Snelling, Director of Human Resources, Lutheran Child & Family of MI
Janet Flanegin, Regional Director–Macomb County, Judson Center
Judith Jove, Executive Director, Family Service & Children’s Aid
Marn Myers, President/CEO, Judson Center

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