Top Ten Fingerprinting Process Issues

This Q&A was provided by DHS to the Michigan Federation for Children and Families, June 2010. A downloadable pdf version can be found below.

1. I need to register applicants to be fingerprinted for child welfare foster care or adoption. What is my agency ID and password?

Answer: The agency IDs and passwords were emailed on 6/4 and 6/5 to county and agency directors. If they cannot locate the email, please have their offices contact Ginny Kline at or 517-335-3984 and she can resend it.

2. The link in the email does not work. When I click on it or copy & paste it, I receive an error message that says "Error, page is unavailable."

Answer: The shortcut link provided to them is not recognized. Try again using the following instructions:

To register applicants prior to sending them for fingerprinting, go to and click on the "Michigan" icon. On the next page, click on "Cogent MAPS (Michigan Applicant Processing Service)" and a page titled "Applicant Processing Service" will open. (This page also lists fingerprinting locations and hours of operation. More sites are being added daily; check the link or call the helpdesk with any site inquiries.)

Click on "Registration Online" under the Registration section. Complete the form as follows:
—Payment Type: Pick Agency.
—Transaction Reason: Pick "AWA" if fingerprinting is for adoption from foster care and "AWF" if fingerprinting is for foster care licensing.
—Agency ID: Provided in the 6/5 email to your agency..
—Agency Password: Provided in the 6/5 email to your agency.
—Complete the rest of the form as indicated. Fields that are highlighted in yellow must be completed.
—Click "Next", verify the information is correct. On the final page, a receipt number is generated and the page may be printed for tracking purposes. The registration information must be accurate and match the applicant's DL or other ID or the applicant will not be able to be fingerprinted.

3. What is the MSP Agency Requestor ID?

Answer: It will automatically fill when you select the reason for fingerprinting, for this registration process, either "AWF" for foster care applicants or "AWA" for adoptive applicants.

4. When I do the online registration, I have to indicate "place of birth." Michigan is not available in the drop-down menu.

Answer: Type "M" in the field and it will add Michigan to the drop down choices.

5. My agency does private adoptions too. Do I use my agency’s ID and password?

Answer: No. The agency ID and password are only for child welfare foster care and adoption applicants. For private adoption applicants, click on "applicant money order" or "applicant credit card". Applicant will pay the fee at the fingerprinting site. Cash payment is not available at the fingerprinting sites.

6. My agency needs to do fingerprinting for employees or for other reasons. What is the process?

Answer: Agency employee questions can be referred to Lynn Eiseler in DHS Human Resources at 517-373-3119 or Program employee questions (daycare, Head Start, etc.) can be referred to Carol Shuck in BCAL at (517) 335-6123 or If the question fits neither category, call BCAL.

7. I made a mistake when I registered the applicant and need to change their birth date, address, place of birth, etc. How do I fix the error?

Answer: Open the "Applicant Processing Services" page. (Instructions in Answer #2) Click on "Modify Registration" under the "Registration" tab and enter the applicant’s name and date of birth to pull up the record and make the correction.

8. The fingerprinting site did not provide a Transaction Number on the DHS-1326 after the applicant was fingerprinted.

Answer: The vendor, Cogent Systems, relies on their online registration process. If the applicant knows to ask for a TCN, they will provide it. The preferred menthod is for the agency staff to verify (and print) a receipt by clicking on "Proof of Transaction (Receipts)" under the Print Sites Location tab on the "Applicant Processing Services" page. (Instructions in Answer #2)

9. The fingerprinting sites are located at a long distance from our county.

Answer: The contract requires that a site be located within 25 miles of each applicant. New sites are being added daily. Check the "Print Locations and Hours" under "Print Site Location" on the "Applicant Processing Services" page or call the Cogent Help Line at 866-500-2347.

10. I’m having technical issues with using the website.

Answer: Email the vendor’s help desk, Cogent Systems, at or call the Cogent Help Line at 866-500-2347.

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