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KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Robert Acton, JD is Principal and Founder of Cause Strategy Partners "Building High-Impact Cross-Sector Partnerships"

Robert ActonA “go-it-alone” mentality is all too common in the social good sector. Nonprofits organizations aspire to make meaningful impact on pressing and pervasive social challenges, yet too often engage in the mission independent of others, void of collaborators, alone.  We know why it happens.  Creating and sustaining cross-sector partnerships isn’t easy.  Whether based in fears of motivation, scarcity, imbalance or misalignment, social progress is often hindered by an unwillingness to think bigger, extend our reach, and creatively explore bold partnerships that have the potential to result in promising solutions for our cause.

Our keynote speaker, Rob Acton, has spearheaded numerous high-impact cross-sector partnerships as both a nonprofit chief executive and – more recently – as a social entrepreneur.  As the founder of Cause Strategy Partners and BoardLead, Rob brings together Fortune 500 companies, private foundations, policy makers and nonprofit organizations in powerful collaboration resulting in measurable impact. 

During this session, we will explore several topics designed to inspire a new (or renewed) commitment to cross-sector partnerships and a helpful tool kit for bringing them to life.  Areas of exploration will include:

  • the value to be garnered through cross-sector partnerships;
  • key steps in developing such partnerships;
  • creating corporate partnerships that are win-wins for all parties involved;
  • engaging your board in partnership creation; and
  • a candid assessment of what gets in our way.

Strategic collaboration with carefully-selected partners is arguably the most efficient path to increased impact and greater scale.  This interactive session is designed for chief executives and senior management team members who are ready to envision how high-impact partnerships can serve as an important strategic imperative for their organization’s future. 


Sr. Management Conference: Come Together: Partners in Excellence
2015 Senior Management Conference

Michigan Federation for Children and Families Senior Management Conference and Annual Membership Meeting will be held on September 16-18, 2015 at Shanty Creek Cedar River Village in Belaire, MI. 


Family Preservation MIN Meeting

Federation Members Only. Meeting details will be sent via email to MIN members. 

Performance/Quality Management MIN Meeting

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Adoption/Licensing/Foster Care/IL MIN Meeting Day

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HR Lunch & Learn and HR MIN Meeting

Federation Members Only: 


Wednesday, OCTOBER 1, 2014, at the Federation office.


11:30 - 12:00    LUNCH compliments of Federation Corporate Sponsor Berends Hendricks Stuit (BHS) Insurance Agency 

                —Order lunch when you RSVP


12:00 - 1:00         HR LEARN session with Denise Neuhaus of BHS Ins. Agency

                   Topic: "Conducting Employment Interviews" 

                We will discuss best practice techniques for developing interview questions. 

                In addition, we will discuss what to include on your employment application….bring yours with you to share (20 copies)!


1:00 - 2:30           HR MIN meeting …. request agenda items when you RSVP.

Adoption, Licensing, Foster Care & Independent Living MINs Meet

Federation member's only
July 16, 2014
Adoption MIN
Licensing MIN
Foster Care MIN
Independent Living/Homeless Youth MIN


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