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NEW 2017-18 Child Welfare In-Service Training Opportunities catalog listing trainings that are offered FREE of charge to private agencies

Attached you will find the NEW 2017-18 Child Welfare In-Service Training Opportunities catalog listing trainings that are offered FREE of charge to private agencies that contract with the Department of Health and Human Services to provide child welfare services, as well as child welfare workers employed by DHHS. 

In addition is a catalog of training opportunities for foster, adoptive, kinship and birth parents. Please help spread the word with families that you work with about the NEW Caregiver training opportunities- both in-person and webinar offerings.

All of these trainings are DHHS approved for meeting the in-service training hour requirements set forth by DHHS requiring all caseworkers to receive a minimum of at least 32 hours of in-service training hours annually, and supervisors 16 hours annually. Training participants may also earn CE hours.


Federation Member Family Preservation MIN Meeting

DHHS Guest: Guy Thompson 

Sr. Management Conference: Come Together: Partners in Excellence
Sept. 16: Confidential Intermediary Training

Confidential Intermediary Training
Child and Family Services of Michigan, Inc., is hosting a one-day training, endorsed by The Michigan Probate Judges Association, to provide interested individuals an overview of the skills and information necessary to function as a confidential intermediary.

The 1995 Adoption Legislation
The role of a confidential intermediary was formalized in Michigan with the passage of legislation that took effect on January 1, 1995. The legislation (P.A. 202 of 1994) allows a court to appoint a confidential intermediary to search for and make contact with a former family member. If the search efforts are successful, then the confidential intermediary is responsible to, “… discreetly and confidentially contact the individual to ascertain whether the individual is willing to release information to the petitioner or to meet or communicate with the petitioner.”

The legislation responds to a concern of many people throughout Michigan who would like to make contact with a person(s) with whom they have a connection. Confidential Intermediaries can play an instrumental role in these reunions, but there are important skills and information necessary to be competent.

In addition, there are sensitivity issues which confidential intermediaries must recognize to assure that the issues and concerns of the persons involved are handled with respect. For these reasons, the legislation requires confidential intermediaries to file an oath of confidentiality and to complete training.

Each County Court in Michigan will make their own determination as to how they will proceed with providing confidential intermediary services. Participants should be aware that C.I. approval by one court does not constitute approval by any other court in Michigan.

Registration fee: $100.00
Payable to: Child and Family Services of Michigan, Inc.
Please return your registration form and fee by: September 1, 2015
Space is limited. Fee is non-refundable.

Registration form: Download the attachment!

2015 MNYF Annual Conference

Special early registration offer is good through July 31: Buy one, get one half-off! Vendor exhibit space is also available for a modest fee. Download attachments for details.

Four workshop tracks are offered:


  • Transitions to Success
  • Advanced Leadership Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Skills for Managing Workplace Conflict
  • Effective Approaches to Dealing with Unacceptable Employee Behavior
  • Investing in Your Most Valuable Resource...Your Team
  • Community Organizations...Collaborate!


  • Family Preservation for LGBT Youth
  • Scaffolding for Successful Transition to Adulthood for At-risk Youth
  • Treating the Adolescent Sex Offender
  • DBT, Parts I and II
  • Clinical Work with Oppositional Defiant Teens
  • Self Injury

Case Management/Direct Care

  • Journey Through HMS
  • Trauma Informed Care for Case Managers & Direct Care Staff, Parts I and II
  • Homless Youth Education Rights
  • Human Trafficking

Case Managers and Direct Care

  • Tools for Your Toolbox that Work with Youth
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Aggression Replacement Training
  • Crisis Intervention & De-escalation, Parts I and II
  • Ethics Training for Child and Youth Care Workers, Establishing Professional Standards
  • LGBT Youth Culture

Conference registration prices:

Special early registration offer: Buy one, get one half-off! Download attachments for details.

  • MNYF member:  $100 for three days; $60 for one day
  • MNYF affiliate member:  $125 for three days; $75 for one day
  • Non-MNYF member:  $150 for three days; $90 for one day

If you are interested in reserving Vendor Exhibit Space, see the attachment.

2015 Senior Management Conference

Michigan Federation for Children and Families Senior Management Conference and Annual Membership Meeting will be held on September 16-18, 2015 at Shanty Creek Cedar River Village in Belaire, MI. 


Family Preservation MIN Meeting

Federation Members Only. Meeting details will be sent via email to MIN members. 

Performance/Quality Management MIN Meeting

Federation members only. Meeting details will be sent via email to MIN members. 

Adoption/Licensing/Foster Care/IL MIN Meeting Day

Federation Members Only. More information will be emailed out to MIN group members. 


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