Lakeside for Children

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Sequel Youth and Family Services is a privately owned company that develops and operates programs for people with behavioral, emotional, or physical challenges. Our mission is to prepare our clients to lead responsible and fulfilling lives by providing mentoring, education, and living support within a safe, structured, dynamic environment — whether on one of our campuses, in the community, or in their own homes.

We are passionate about what we do and delight in providing excellent programs that make permanent, positive changes in the lives of those we serve. Our programs are designed to equip our clients with the vision, motivation, life skills, education, and self-discipline necessary to lead a successful life.

We offer a broad continuum of treatment options for children, adolescents, and adults. Our options include long-term residential treatment, short-term impact programs, shelter care, therapeutic group homes, therapeutic foster care, community-based services, in-home services, and alternative education programs. Our populations include adjudicated delinquents, children with autism, and children, adolescents and adults with physical disabilities or sexual, substance abuse, emotional, or conduct disorders.

Lakeside Academy is a Sequel Youth and Family Services program operating on the campus of Lakeside for Children. Lakeside Academy focuses on the confrontation and redirection of negative behavior while recognizing desired, positive behavior. Throughout a student’s stay, they are challenged to analyze failures and experience success in nearly every area of life.

The Lakeside program places an emphasis on the responsibilities and choices each individual student makes and helps them to recognize that all choices have results of some sort, whether they are positive or negative. Through this process, the Lakeside program helps the student focus, first, on their present behaviors, then on the underlying motivation or precursors to such behaviors. Although a youth may have had difficult times in the past, which we need to acknowledge and help them work through, our Academy staff does not allow students to use those past experiences as excuses to behave negatively. Although Lakeside Academy utilizes a variety of treatment approaches to help students address their issues, the backbone of treatment is making students aware of their behaviors and helping them to abandon the unacceptable behaviors and develop more appropriate 

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