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Does your agency have improvement goals for foster parent retention, foster parent recruitment, support, documentation, communication, training, and teaming?  If so, you've just found a powerful tool and vital resource that will help your agency accomplish these goals.

A Brief Intro

First, let's get some common misunderstandings out of the way:
FosterCare.Team is not a social network site. 
FosterCare.Team is not a public foster care support forum. 
Using FosterCare.Team is not a HIPAA violation.   
FosterCare.Team does not duplicate SACWIS functionality.  CCWIS rules allow for modularity so your agency can utilize FosterCare.Team.  
FosterCare.Team is web-based, team-centric, foster care collaboration software that improves foster parent support and increases the quality of care for children in foster care.  We leverage software created efficiencies to improve communication between every member of a foster care team, while maintaining absolute team privacy and security.  While your agency certainly has tools to help your internal team communicate, FosterCare.Team is a tool that extends outside of your agency, to all the members of a foster care team such as GALs, counselors, foster parents and birth parents.  By improving team communication, we improve foster parent support.  By improving foster parent support, the foster children see improved quality of care.  As an agency, you'll also find it easier to retain existing foster parents and recruit new ones because research has proven the most effective tool in recruiting new foster parents, is happy and supported existing foster parents.  (That's your licensors cheering in the background.)

Your agency needs FosterCare.Team

Why?  Because national surveys show that up to 60% of foster parents quit during the first year.  40% of them cite poor caseworker communication and perceived lack of support from the agency as their primary reasons.  Additional reasons include stress, inadequate training, and struggles dealing with grief and loss.  These are the primary reasons foster parents give for quitting and FosterCare.Team is built to effectively addresses every one of them.

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